Roy Underhill
Celebrating 30 years of the Woodwright's Shop

woodwright's booksFor thirty years, Roy Underhill's PBS program, "The Woodwright's Shop," has brought classic hand-tool craftsmanship to viewers across America.

A former master craftsman at Colonial Williamsburg, Roy has inspired millions to "just say no to power tools" through his continuing work as a historian, craftsman, activist, and teacher.

Roy's Woodwright's Books are informed by a lifetime of experience and study. They honor the ingenuity of our ancestors, while encouraging us to rediscover the tools and techniques of self-reliance.

In his latest book, The Woodwright's Guide: Working Wood with Wedge and Edge, Roy shows how to engage the mysteries of the splitting wedge and the cutting edge to shape wood from forest to furniture.

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The Woodwright's Shop:
A Practical Guide to
Traditional Woodcraft

The Woodwright's
Companion: Exploring
Traditional Woodcraft

The Woodwright's Workbook:
Further Exploration in
Traditional Woodcraft