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The First Edition Society

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A planned gift could be the most important charitable gift you ever make. Whether through beneficiary designations, wills, or trusts, when you create a planned gift for the benefit of UNC Press, you are making a personal value statement that ensures publishing excellence for generations to come.

The Benefits of Planned Gifts

Retirement benefits and insurance policies are the easiest planned gift you can give -- simply designate UNC Press as the beneficiary of your plan or policy. Bequests are uncomplicated arrangements in which you name the Press as a beneficiary in your will. A bequest is simple to arrange and allows you to retain your assets throughout your lifetime. The flexibility of a bequest permits you to designate a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a particular asset. You may also choose to create a trust for your lifetime or for a fixed term, and support the Press with either income from the trust or with remainder of the assets. Bequests and trusts may reduce taxes on your estate.

    Sample Bequest Language.pdf

    H. Eugene Lehman Bequest Testimonial.pdf

    Luther H. Hodges, Jr. Remainder Testimonial.pdf

Communicate Your Wishes

Your bequest can support a particular passion of yours at UNC Press, or it can be used where it is most needed. In either case, the incorporation of specific language in your will or trust will ensure that your gift is used as you intend. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your advisers to appropriately tailor this language so that we may honor your charitable intentions.

The First Edition Society -- Our Gratitude

Allow us to express our gratitude to you during your lifetime. In 2012, the Press will establish The First Edition Society to honor all donors who have declared their support of the Press through a planned gift. If you share your intentions with us before December 31, 2011, you will be invited to be a founding member of The First Edition Society, and will receive an autographed UNC Press book, invitations to special events, and recognition in an honor roll of contributors (unless anonymity is requested).

Questions and Answers

Q: Is it difficult to make a charitable bequest?
A: Not at all. If you already have a will, you can add the Press as a beneficiary with a quick phone call to your attorney.

Q: What is the legal name and tax I.D. of the Press?
A: Name: The University of North Carolina Press, Inc.
Tax I.D.: 56-6001394

Q: Is there a typical bequest?
A: Your bequest will be what is right for you. UNC Press has received bequest gifts from $500 to six-figures.

Q: What kinds of assets can I leave?
A: There are numerous ways to make a bequest. You may designate:

Defining your legacy is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. By creating a planned gift for the benefit of the Press, your legacy is tied to one of the finest university presses in the nation, publishing distinguished academic work and beloved regional books. When you create or revise your estate plan, we hope you will include the University of North Carolina Press among your beneficiaries.

To learn more about the First Edition Society and making a planned gift, contact:

Joanna Ruth Marsland, Director of Development
UNC Press
116 South Boundary St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 962-0924

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