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Studies in the History of Greece and Rome

Series Editors: Richard Talbert, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; James B. Rives, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Robin Osborne, Oxford University, England

Books in this series examine the history and society of Greece and Rome from approximately 1,000 B.C to A.D. 600. The series includes interdisciplinary studies, works that introduce new areas for investigation, and original syntheses and reinterpretations.

<SPAN STYLE= "font-style:italic;" >Piscinae</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00


Artificial Fishponds in Roman Italy

By James Higginbotham

An intriguing architectural element reflects the Roman social order

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >The Artists of the Ara Pacis</SPAN>
Paper: $55.00

The Artists of the Ara Pacis

The Process of Hellenization in Roman Relief Sculpture

By Diane Atnally Conlin

New archaeological evidence overturns the theory of who sculpted one of antiquity's most important monuments

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >Lands, Laws, and Gods</SPAN>
Paper: $45.00

Lands, Laws, and Gods

Magistrates and Ceremony in the Regulation of Public Lands in Republican Rome

By Daniel J. Gargola

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<SPAN STYLE= "" >The Gymnasium of Virtue</SPAN>
Paper: $30.00
E-Book: $29.99

The Gymnasium of Virtue

Education and Culture in Ancient Sparta

By Nigel M. Kennell

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