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UNC Press E-Book Shorts

Introducing UNC Press E-Book Shorts

UNC Press Civil War ShortsUNC Press Shorts excerpt compelling, shorter narratives from selected bestselling books published by the University of North Carolina Press and present them as engaging, quick reads. Offered exclusively as e-books, these shorts present essential concepts, defining moments, and concise introductions to topics. They are intended to stir the imagination and encourage exploration of the original publications from which they are drawn. Forthcoming UNC Press Shorts will highlight some of the most significant publications in many disciplines, including American History, African American history, religious studies, and more.

Among the first of these e-book shorts are a series of UNC Press Civil War Shorts that excerpt rousing narratives from distinguished UNC Press books on the military, political, social, and cultural history of the Civil War era. These e-book shorts focus on pivotal moments and figures and are intended to provide a concise introduction to larger themes. For in-depth analysis, contextualization, and perspective, we invite readers to consider the original publications from which these works are drawn.

Look for more UNC Press E-Book Shorts to be issued in the coming months.


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