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152 pp., 10 x 9, 145 color illus.

ISBN  978-0-8078-3439-8
Published: November 2010

The Coasts of Carolina

Seaside to Sound Country

By Bland Simpson and Scott D. Taylor

The Coasts of Carolina captures the vibrancy of the North Carolina oceanfront, sound country, and interior shores behind the barrier islands. Scott Taylor, who has been photographing the coast for almost thirty years, and Bland Simpson, whose many coastal books have delighted readers for two decades, come together to offer an inviting visual and textual portrait organized around coastal themes such as nature, fishing, and community life, with an emphasis on particular places and seasons. Evocative text is woven together with 145 vivid color images to present a unique and welcoming vision of the coastal region. As natives of the area, the collaborators venture beyond the familiar to show us swamp, marsh, river, sound, and seashore, uncovering places of uncommon delight that most visitors rarely lay eyes on. Their work celebrates the beauty of this amazing region and embodies their distinctive sense of what makes the North Carolina coast so special.

About the Author

Bland Simpson is Bowman and Gordon Gray Distinguished Term Professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and longtime member of the Tony Award-winning Red Clay Ramblers. Scott Taylor is a photographer whose photographs have appeared in many local, state, regional, and national magazines, publications, and galleries; he works from his studio and gallery in historic Beaufort, North Carolina.


"Might inspire readers to visit parts of North Carolina they've never seen, or to sit back and let the authors do the traveling. . . . A lovingly rendered portrait of a unique part of the state."
--Raleigh News & Observer

"Gorgeous. . . . Simpson writes as he travels, employing long, leisurely, meandering sentences and a pleasantly antique vocabulary. . . . And Taylor's images--from St. James churchyard at night to a row of live oaks at Orton--recall moments of discovery that stick in our hearts forever."
--Ben Steelman, Wilmington Star-News

"Simpson and Taylor create a lasting sense of place and community that piques the interests of distant travelers and allows residents to revel in remembrance"
--Our State

"A book that offers people a legacy of history, natural beauty, and a very passionate love of place."
--Elizabeth City Daily Advance

"In [Simpson's] narrative readers will discover a deeply moving story that is understood in the context of the history of a place. . . . It is the type of history that is a joy to read because it is a conversation with the land, and the people that overflows from the pages of [this book]. . . . Offers people a legacy of history, natural beauty and a very passionate love of place."—Elizabeth City Daily Advance

"Captures the vibrancy of the North Carolina oceanfront, sound country, and interior shores behind the barrier islands. . . . An inviting visual and textual portrait organized around coastal themes."
--Carolina Country

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