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196 pp., 8 x 11, 184 color and 16 b&w photographs

Published in association with UNC Student Stores, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

ISBN  978-0-8078-3035-2
Published: March 2006


Photographs from the First State University

Edited By Erica Eisdorfer

Foreword by Doris Betts

Like a leisurely stroll along the oak-shaded paths of campus, this vibrant collection of photographs captures the heart and soul of the community that is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. From move-in day to graduation, two hundred images trace a year in the life of Carolina students, faculty, and staff, at work and at play, in the campus environment that has helped make Chapel Hill the "southern part of heaven."

A foreword by beloved professor and novelist Doris Betts muses on her own experiences of the University as a compelling place at the literal and figurative heart of the state. The photographs are accompanied by captions that reveal the history and lore of notable campus places, the rituals and traditions of University life, and the wisdom and appreciation of those who have passed through the nation's first state university.

Academics, arts, politics, clubs, and athletics--these pages are filled with the memory-making moments of life at Carolina, evoking the timeless present recognizable to Tar Heels young and old. This is everyone's Carolina, to treasure and to share.

About the Author

Erica Eisdorfer manages the Bull's Head Bookshop of the Student Stores of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


"This is a great memento of the Carolina I know and love."
--Dean Smith

"I'll always treasure my days at Carolina, and these photos evoke the true spirit of the community I called home."
--Mia Hamm

"What a great compilation of photographs! They elicit my fondest memories of days at Chapel Hill. It will be a special gift to share with those family and friends who consider Carolina home. Thanks for the memories!"
--Phil Ford

"They were the happiest years of our lives, and the pages of Carolina unlock hundreds of warm and joyful memories. For some, this splendid and handsome volume is an introduction to this grand old university. For everyone, it is the essential worthy addition to the family library. Enjoy it. I certainly did."
--William Friday

"Many photographers have helped us to see Carolina, not just to look at it. Here we see again our children, our neighbors' children, our grandchildren, until (since memory is a telephoto lens that magnifies) at last we may even glimpse our own remembered faces as they swim youthfully back from the days when we were in this special place, at a very special time."
--Doris Betts, from the Foreword

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