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Philip F. Rubio

Philip F. Rubio is associate professor of history at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro and author of the award-winning A History of Affirmative Action, 1619-2000.

Read: Rubio's guest blog post "Who Remembers the Nationwide Postal Wildcat Strike of 1970 (and Why Does That Matter)?" (3/19/2015).

Listen: Interview on NPR's "Weekend Edition" - "Effects of Postal Service Cuts Could Ripple Through Middle Class" (02/09/2013).

Listen: Radio interview with listener call-in, WBEZ "Morning Shift" (Chicago) (12/3/12).

Listen/Read: CNN Radio Network story, "Forgotten history of the Post Office" (10/2/12).

Watch: See Rubio's appearance on the Colbert Report (September 14, 2011):

The Colbert Report - Return to Sender - Phil Rubio 09/14/11

Read: Rubio's guest blog post "Pray for the Postal Service!" at savethepostoffice.com (12/28/11).

Listen/Read: Interview on NPR's "Tell Me More" - "Do You Need Your Mailman?" (12/20/11).

Read: Rubio's op-ed "Who will deliver the US postal service from destruction?" at The Guardian (12/13/11).

Read: Rubio's op-ed "Why we need the Postal Service" at CNN.com (09/09/11).

Listen/Read: Interview on NPR's "Tell Me More" - "There's Always Work at the Post Office? Maybe Not" (08/18/11).

Read: Rubio's op-ed "With the U.S. Postal Service ready to contract, African-American job opportunities will suffer" at New York Daily News (08/11/11).

Listen/Read: Interview on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" - "Everyone Loses When Post Offices Close" (08/01/11).

Read: Rubio's op-ed "What we'll lose if we lose the post office," at WashingtonPost.com (07/29/11)-

Listen: Interview on KUT (Austin) "In Black America" (04/02/11).

Watch: Rubio's presentation at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum (11/06/10):

Listen: Interview on WUNC (Chapel Hill) "The State of Things" (06/22/10).

Listen: Interview on WPKN (Bridgeport/New Haven) "Black Introspectives" (11/20/11).

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